Are you doing yourself a disservice when training?

Are you doing yourself a disservice when training?

When training, it is important to focus on yourself and not compare yourself to others in the studio or gym. Once you step foot in the gym you need to leave your ego at the door, your only competition is yourself – this is the most important part of training.


One of the biggest pitfalls for beginners in the gym is people sacrificing form and technique to pull a heavy weight. While yes, lifting heavy weights can be a satisfying component to training, it is not always about how heavy you can lift. Mastering correct form and technique should be at the top of the list above all else.


In training, technique and form is the ability to execute an exercise in order to target a specific muscle group and prevent injuries, both of which play a critical role in any workout.


As trainers, we are here to help you and educate you on training and the correct way to do so. I so often witness clients opting for heavier weights because they feel as though the lighter weights are too easy and more often than not, form and technique goes down the drain as a result.


If we fail to master the simple things, we will only end up doing ourselves a disservice and will put ourselves at risk of an injury. Correct form and technique builds the foundation for every lift and exercise you will ever perform when in the gym.


It is important to remember that being able to lift a heavy weight does not mean you’re going to get to your end result quicker.

  • Light weight and high reps = increased muscular endurance
  • High weight and low reps = increased muscular strength

Both methods are essential and beneficial to build strength and progress in the gym. However, while we use goals as motivation to train, we need to train to our capacity and not our goals. While your goal may be for example to squat 100kg or to just move some wild weights in the gym, you need to allow your body to adapt to these goals.


 “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit” – Fabienne Fredrickson


- Adele Carroll 

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