About Us

Train with the Girls mission is to educate women everywhere that they CAN achieve the body they want while still enjoying foods that they love and balancing exercise within their lifestyle.

Train with the Girls was founded in 2016 by Emma & Amanda because they saw a  problem with the fitness industry and wanted to be a part of the change. Too frequently, crash diets on low calories and excessive amounts of cardio are prescribed to women for fast results at the expensive of their health. These crash diets are not sustainable and they witnessed women everywhere struggling afterwards and re-gaining the weight they lost (and sometimes more) as a result.

Emma and Amanda are both qualified personal trainers and sports nutritionists accredited by Sports Nutrition Australia and their evidence-based approach to weight loss sets their expertise apart from other trainers in the industry. The way that they program and teach their clients about training and nutrition is why their clients have such phenomenal long-term results and improve not only their physical health, but also their mental health. 

Train with the Girls is committed to creating an inclusive environment filled with women supporting one another on their fitness journeys. Education is a key component of the company because with knowledge comes power, and with power comes change.