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12 Month Planner

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The 12 months planner/diary will be a Perfect Monthly Planner for your Fitness or Workout Body goals. This planner is not dated so you can begin using it at any time!

If you are a Townsville client you can pick-up the diary from the studio so please ensure you enter code 'PICKUP' for free shipping!

If you are located anywhere else you will need to pay shipping and we will mail it to you!

This will be a Perfect Bound book A5 in size! 

Please see pictures for the photo of the cover and examples of pages inside! It also includes progress tracking, a budget planner, goal setting, goal tracking, recipes, images from our Townsville, Sydney & Brisbane shoot amongst other things! 

For any enquiries please message Train With The Girls Townsville on facebook or email admin@trainwiththegirls.com


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Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable and are qualified Personal Trainers AND Accredited Sports Nutritionists.

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